American Medical Association (AMA) Physicians

The Industry Standard AMA Physician Mailing List continues to be the BEST SOURCE OF PHYSICIANS.

The AMA file:

  • Used by pharmaceutical industry, medical publishers, continuing medical education providers, physician recruiters, and market researchers
  • Member/non-member database representing over 900,000 records including:
  • MDs and DOs
  • Residents in training
  • International med grads
  • Practicing physicians
  • Sourced from over 2,200 data owners
  • 11 million annual transactions are updated weekly
  • Data file matching capabilities – ME and NPI numbers
  • Guaranteed 97% deliverability
  • Target Selections include:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Specialty: Primary, Secondary
  • Enhanced Specialty – HOS (Hospitalist); IC (interventional Cardiology)
  • Type of Practice
  • Phone Number
  • Preferred Address Type
  • State/SCF/Zip Code
  • County
  • Ties to location
  • Metro Trading Area
  • Population Level
  • PMSA – Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • ABMS Board Certification/Sub-certification
  • State of Birth
  • State of Licensure; Year of Licensure
  • State of Residency Training; Residency Program
  • Year Completed Residency Training (Transition Year)
  • State of Medical School; Medical School
  • RX Data
  • Market
  • Therapeutic Class
  • Specific Product
  • Enhanced Physician Response Data (EPRD)
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Interest in Employment Opportunities
  • Languages Spoken
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Services:
  • Direct Mail
  • Med-E-Mail Email Broadcast
  • NOWW System
  • Counts:
  • Helpful Resources:
    AMA Information Sheet

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American Medical Association (AMA) Physicians
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