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Multi-channel marketing for 2015: E-mail plus direct mail packs a powerful one-two punch!

Savvy marketers are using multiple channels to reach their targets in 2015. Just as surround-sound audio systems are generally considered superior to stereo, multi-channel marketing has emerged as the best way to communicate with your audience. Specifically, combining e-mail and direct mail packs a particularly powerful punch. We actually consider them sexy, since e-mail and direct mail work synergistically to help you spread your message and reach your goals.

In addition to being the most measurable marketing channels, e-mail plus direct mail campaigns produce consistently higher response rates, increase customer engagement and have a greater ROI than either medium used alone.

In fact, when it comes to digital marketing, e-mail is the single most effective channel around. This January, the Chief Marketing Officer Council — a global network of marketing executives dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange — cited e-mail as the most effective digital channel for customer retention in the U.S.

And — contrary to popular opinion — digital marketing has not put direct mail on life support. In recent times, direct mail has undergone a remarkable renaissance. These days, eye-catching direct mail is once again getting noticed, read and acted upon. According to Direct Mail News, the average response rate for direct mail was an impressive 4.4% for both b-to-b and business to consumer mailings.

To get the greatest results from these top-tier marketing tools, consider a strategy that melds the best of both worlds. Here are some key tips for combining e-mail and direct mail into a single, highly effective campaign:

  • Streamline two separate processes into one efficient, coordinated marketing effort. Every campaign – digital or print — requires strategic development, creative strategy and execution, and careful list selection and management. Instead of treating e-mail and direct mail campaigns as separate entities, have your teams work together to develop overall objectives, tactics, design motifs, and messaging. Integration of e-mail and direct mail can cut production costs, while at the same time boosting response rate and, ultimately, revenue.
  • Start with high-quality, carefully sourced data. Not surprisingly, most businesses believe that clean, up-to-date lists have the greatest impact on improving deliverability. For best results, verify the deliverability of your targets by keeping all of your lists fully up to date.
  • Determine the best course of action. Are you going to send e-mail and direct mail to all of your targets? Should you deploy e-mail with an automated e-mail follow-up to the clicks? To the non-opens? To the non-clicks? How often are you going to send your message? All of this deserves serious thought.
  • Use Best Practices. Are your communications mobile friendly? Is your message personalized to your audience? Check your landing pages. Whatever combination of marketing channels you employ, make sure that the end process is meeting your needs. Be sure to keep the process to purchase, sign-up, or contact you simple and easy to accomplish.
  • Analyze your results. With each campaign, carefully keep track of what worked and what didn’t work. Use all available analytics to determine your rate of success. Successful e-mail campaigns are easy to track, and can help determine what is best for you.

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